Polyethylene Manhole Standards

Polyethylene manholes14148 Standardsxaccording to ISO 13272

Main Sections


The important statements of this standard is as follows:

1- Making polymer manholes can be made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or PVC.
2- The maximum depth of the standard polyethylene installation is 6 meters and recommended for a depth between 4 to 6 meters.
3. The human interance part of the manhole (the manhole floor) is a mandatory part of the manhole and includes the integrated guards along with the platform.
4- Different components of the human enterance set can be assembled with different materials.
5. The material of the polyethylene manhole components must contain ultraviolet anti-UV compunds and no long-term storage exposure under the sun rays is recommended.
6. For the ducts and pins used in the manhole piping system, the diameter, wall thickness, length, and tolerances of the pipe must be in accordance with the standards.
7. The difference in the height of the floor of the inlet and outlet pipes with the floor of the connecting pipe for tubes 315 (300) and lower, up to 6 mm and for tubes larger than 315 (300) 0.02 * DN mm and maximum 30 mm M.
8. The minimum distance between the edges of the steps is 140 mm from the manhole wall and the vertical distance between the steps (left and right) is 250 to 350 mm, and the distance between the centers of the stairs is 270 to 300 mm in the range.


9. The strength of the stairs for vertical loads are at least 2 kN and their stretching resistance (for installable stairs) are at least 1 kN.

10. The ring stiffness is defined only for the mid-section of the manhole (the manhole rod), which is greater than or equal to 2 KPa.

11. Impact resistance is defined only in the manhole floor section, which must withstand of one kilogram weight crash from a height of 2.5 meters with a radius of 50 mm for the head part, and should not have being fractured.

12. The negative pressure bearing is defined as 0.1 bar in the manhole floor section.

13. The durability of polyethylene mannequins must be at least 50 years long, and during this time the deformation is should not be more than 5%.

14. Tangential lateral manholes for tubes with 1200mm diameter and upwards.

15. Thermal stability test (OIT) for manholes produced by rotary molding at least 10 minutes.

16. The MFI Flow Index (MFI) is 4.5-5.5 for rotary products.

17. In the case of traffic loads, the use of reinforced concrete slabs in proportion to the load load is mandatory.

18. Manufacturers are not authorized to use recycled or non-virgin materials.