Septic Tank

Sewage currents are usually heterogeneous, contain oils and fats, light or heavy suspended particles, and the decomposable materials. The direct flow of this stream into the sewage system causing many problems, and in particular the blockage in the pipeline system. Septic tanks are used to filter and refine this flow.

تصویر سپتیک تانک در محیط باز


Septic is in fact a reactor for separation and purification of these materials. It has two separate compartments, which, by collecting fat above and trapping heavy materials at the bottom of the primary chamber, separate the material and then in the second chamber using aerobic bacteria (in aerobic septic tanks) and anaerobic bacteria (in anaerobic septic tanks) disintegrate the existing materials and purify the sewage thereby.

Since septic tanks have a lot of chemical reactions in the vicinity of acidic and basic substances, the best option is to use polyethylene septics of the Polymer Roshun Co, which are lightweight, durable, inert and chemical resistant, and also affordable in price and ready to install quickly and put into operation.

The septic tanks of the Polymer Roshun Co. are integrated in a rotary molding process and are not damaged against compressive stresses caused by soil pressure and are not cracking in any situations. also these septics are not cracking by extruder boiling, and on any circumstances the materials Sewage does not leak out of them.

تصویر سپتیک تانک در زیر زمین