Polyethylene pipe fittings includes flanges, elbows, tees, chips and …. These fittings are manufactured in different methods such as injection or using thick polyethylene sheet by cutting and turning. Each of these methods have advantages and disadvantages in order to make the polyethylene fittings, for example, in the injection method, due to the abundance and variety of sizes, material's types and different pressures, access to all of these sizes is not possible but in the machining method, based on the link map, they would be machined and fully adapted to the map.

Welded fittings

Their other benefit in comparison to injection method is they can be produced from what is the pipe itself, especially in producing elbow and tees. Therefore, their welding would have better substance. Very high fitting sizes (from 500) does not exist in injection method and inevitably, welding fitting is used instead.

Injective joints:

Due to the shape of the mold, they are uniform in size and their production speed is especially convenient in heavy projects . Pipe fittings made by polyethylene pipe welding machine have a welding molding on the pipe made either as a boiling brush or, if the electro-fusion joints are welded to the tube by an electro-fusion welding machine, at the desired location . The use of waste products in the production of shabby in the event of complete washing and the absence of foreign objects is allowed to 5% by weight. However, it is recommended to maintain the quality and pipe and fittings and use the maximum life of the operation, Waste is not used, the connection of two-pipe pipes to each other along the pipeline is carried out according to the following specifications.

Coupling Couplings:

This coupler is a polyethylene loop of hinges proportional to the size of the pipes, which is curtailed by heat and does not act as a sheeting, and is extensively bonded to the outer surface of the pipes, at the joints, causing the connection of the pipe and.

Electrofusion Conections:

These fittings are thicker than couplings and fit into the size of the pipe and vary in their various sizes. It is heated and causes the joints to be welded to the tubes.

Threaded joints:

Threaded in the end part of the tubes, threaded around the tubes, and used to make this part of the coupling or extruder system.

Advantages for the ethylene fusion joints:

  1. Full fitting of standard fittings to standard16963
  2. Accuracy of angle of fittings with standard tolerances
  3. Welding quality is very high both in terms of weld and height and uniformity, and in terms of the quality and compatibility of welds.
  4. Uniformity of production of polyethylene joints due to quality control system during production and laboratory equipped
  5. Use of standard tubes for fusion joints or tubes provided by the customer.
  6. The use of polyethylene pipes provided by the customer is one of the most important advantages of fusion joints, which ensures the uniformity of the die for welding.
  7. Another advantage of fusion joints is the ability to produce the connection at any desired angle of the customer.

 Welding joints’ benefits against Injection:

  1. Because the pipe material and the fittings are the same in welding joints, therefore, there would be a much stronger welding in comparison to injection method which is different materials.
  2. The diameter of the pipe and fusion joints are the same while they are different in injection joints.
  3. There is a possibility to have bubbles in injection joints due to the thickness of joints at high pressures and sizes while welding joints are completely free of malfunctioning.
  4. In spite of the injection joints which produced in very limited sizes and operating pressures; welding joints have no limit according to sizes, operating pressures or the angle and would be produced according to pipe specifications.

Types of joints manufactured

  1. 30 Degree Elbow
  2. 60 Degree Elbow
  3. 90 degree Elbow
  4. 60 Degree Tee
  5. 90 Degree Tee
  6. Concentric And Non-Concentric Reducer
  7. Cap
  8. 90 Degree Tee Reducer
  9. Short Flange
  10. Long Flange
  11. Metal Ring