handholes are often used for ease of access to sewage system and telecommunication chambers of homes, installing CCTVs, fiber optic and data cable networks, traffic signal control networks, lighting cabling networks, and where narrow and hard access points are there. In this circumstances polyethylene handholes are often used instead of manholes.

Polymer Roshun's polyethylene handhole products are produced in various sizes and in accordance with customer's request. These handholes have flat locations in the floor section, which are easily perforate in proportion to the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipe, and the pipe will passing through.


Polymer Roshun's Hanholes featuring:

  • The installing and running costs are pretty much lower

  • The ease and fastness of installation and implementation of polyethylene manhole
  • Compatible with various sewage and drainage systems

  • lightweight and ease of transportation 

  • Long lifetime, especially in wet areas (at least 50 years)

  • Low maintenance and repair costs

  • No need for indoor and outdoor coverage

  • Concerned with concrete or asphalt

  • Complete sealing of the network and preventing the penetration of subsurface water into the system

  • The ability to withstand heavy pressure impacts caused by heavy vehicles traffics



Polyethylene Handholes Usages:

  • Water Transfer Network (Water Handhole) is a convenient place to access the valve of the water supply line. It is possible to place other water transfer items such as barometers, thermometers and so on.
  • The gas transmission network, like the water transmission, also includes side accessories that require access, these hanholes is common structure which allows the user to access the facility.
  •  The power transmission network (electricity), telephone line, or telecommunication hinge (fiber optic) in the places where the cable, telephone lines and fibers are transmitted from the underground, usually the cable in the single-containment polyethylene pipe or dual-containment polyethylene pipe (depending on the size and number of cables) placed in dividing areas or at specified intervals.



Polymer Roshun's Hanhole produces are manufacturing with grade 3840 polyethylene and in 30-40-50-60 diameters.