Reasons why baby calves must be separated from their mother:

  • Because it enables the calf to be controlled in terms of nutritional quality. The mother may not be able to breastfeed.

  • Because the calf is immune to disease (especially in the first few weeks),They're weaker than the adult herd and is more likely to suffer from any kind of disease.

  • There is a possibility of injury and kicking by the elders.

  • Because the calves are born with a tooth, when they feed on the mother, they wound their mother's breast, and therefore the mother's lactation efficiency goes down and the calf becomes malnourished.

  • Cease the competition between calves for food, which eliminates stress and provides them with consistent growth.




What are the reasons to use integrated catholyte calf hutch instead of using bricks or concrete blocks?

  • Because they are cheaper.

  • Uniform and unpasteurized and are not contains microbial and bacterial accumulation.

  • Can be washed and are not mix with chemical substances.

  • Impacts Resistant.

  • Easy to transport and install, and if needed, changes in the cow's space can be quickly collected and stored.

  • It is fully resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun and last for years without change in their forms.

And finally, why do we use Polycarbonate Polystyrene Calf Boxes?


1- Cheaper.

2. They are more durable.

3- Design and beautiful, and their white color causes the sunlight to open, resulting in the coolness of the interior.

4. Have air conditioning valves.

5. They have very high impact resistance.

6. Ability to use in open space.

7. 5 years guarantee .

8. 10 years After-sales services.




Polymer Roshun's Calf Hutch Specifications: 



Length (centimeters)

Width (centimeters)

Height (centimeters)

Big Size

Exterior Size




Interior Size




Small Size

Exterior Size




Interior Size