Polyethylene grade 3840

In the productions of rotational molding materials, especially manholes, Polyethylene Grade 3840, with extraordinary properties, is been used. In Iran, this material is produced in Tabriz and Arak refineries.

The following table shows the produced polyethylene specifications in domestic refineries. The melt flow index (MFI) is 4 and the density of this polyethylene is 0.938.

















Table 1 - Specifications of polyethylene produced in domestic refineries

پلي‌اتيلن گريد 3840

This material is recyclable and its polymeric chains are very compact, this causes to increase the density. Therefore, its mechanical resistance increases and the compression of polymeric chains makes it resistant to chemicals and environmental stress cracking.

At first, this material is colorless and non-transparent. In order to use it, pigment can be added. The inner and outer surfaces of the manhole must be smooth, clean and flawless.

The color of the manhole can be any color, however, the color must be uniform throughout all its surface.

Polyethylene 3840 produced in domestic refineries has thermal, light and color stabilizing additives.

According to Iran national standard 14148, the P-R polyethylene manholes have the conditions to be used outdoor for at least one year and that is why its ingredients contain anti-UV additives.